Add a new adminisrative level in TTMSFNCGeocodingItem


When we used reverse geocoding functions, the service send back different information about le localisation (Country, Region, City, Street).
It should be useful to obtain an other level intermediate between region and city, i.e PROVINCE.

For instance, in belgium, it is :

  • Region (Vlaanderen)
  • Province (Anvers/ West-Vlaanderen)
  • City (Anvers / Brugge )

In france :

  • Region (Haut de france )
  • Département (Nord / Pas de Calais)
  • City (Lille / Arras)

In Spain :

  • Autonomous communities / region ( Catalona)
  • Provinces (Barcelona / tarragona )
  • City (Barcelona, ...)

Is it possible to add this PROVINCE level ?

This feature was implemented.