Action List

How do I enable / disable a menuitem using the new Actionlist component. 

based on user login / access profile

As mentioned in the documentation, a TWebElementActionList should not be confused with Delphi TAction.

A TWebElementAction allows you to hook events of HTML elements (based on element ID) to Pascal code event handlers. Please see the documentation and also the ElementActionList demo that shows what its purpose is.

What is the TargetAction. I did not understand . actSetHidden, actremoveHidden etc ? How do I use that . The demo does not show these features

It is explained in the developer guide
page 269-273

Sorry Saw the Documentation Will do some work based on that

When you want to add an onexecute event by clicking the onexecute event the procedure is named automatically is named  as 

procedure TFrmMain.WebElementActionList1Actions6Execute(Sender: TObject; 

instead of based on the actionlist name that has been assigned. Will it be possible to name the procedure after the the name of the actionlist item ?

It is the IDE that controls the procedure name generation. Not sure if we can override that. We'll need to investigate.