accessing component design editors from scripter


just a basic question. not very familar with component designing so sorry for thump question ;)

a lot of components came with editors for designing. Especially Grid components often use own Colum-Editors which are registered as the TDefaultEditor for Design in Delphi. ...Can these Editors also used from the Scripter? ...Is there any chance generally to use such Design Editors which are as I saw Packages with the DESIGNONLY switch using for the scripter?

Hello Leoni,

unfortunately not. As you said, such editors are usually in packaged marked for design-only, so cannot be used at runtime by scripter. In TMS Scripter we have added, manually, some common design-time editors, like collections (thus including grid columns), tdataset fields editor, etc. But you can't just automatically use a design-time editor. You must manually implement and register them.