Access Violation when using Master-Detail field alias with double quotes as parameter

If I have a master field aliased with a space and so it is double quoted then link detail query to the aliased field via a double quoted parameter to match the field I get an AV when opening query. The AV occurs in GETMEM.INC at function SysGetMem(Size: NativeInt): Pointer;

qryMaster_.SQL.Text := 'select ordernumber as "Order Number" from salesheader where ordernumber = ''SO301160''';
qryDetail_.SQL.Text := 'select linenumber as Line_No from saleslines where saleslines.ordernumber = :"Order Number"';
qryMaster_.Open; //error occurs here

We have users that have written custom queries in this way and would work ok previously with FIB

Thank you for the report and the demo reproducing the issue (sent in private).
We were able to reproduce and fix the problem. Next version will include the fix.