Access Violation when creating custom brush

Hello, TMS Team

It is very unfortunate that you don't reply to "Registered user priority support questions". So let me try to ask here.

IDE: Delphi XE2

OS: Windows 7


I’m working on a project that uses TMS Diagram Studio (latest version). I need to have different parts of the shape filled in different styles. So I override DrawBlock procedure in my class. But I cannot define a custom brush (BrushMode = bmTexture). It raises Access Violation in Direct2dClasses.pas. GDI+ library works fine, but it's unpreferable due to a few reasons.

Sample project that demonstrates the problem

Can you advise how to define a custom brush in Direct2D mode?

We have sent you a patch that fixes the problem in your private e-mail.

Got it. Thank you very much.