Access Token Expiry Dat/Time field

The SWIFT toolkit on macOS for accessing Dropbox objects shows that the Dropbox Object they instantiate has an expiration time. Their paradigm for ensuing, before every REST call, they have a valid token is to test tokens and to ensure that expiration in not within a predetermined time. If the token is invalid or the token will expire within a set timeframe, they refresh the token.

In my case I have a number of threads (maybe over 100) that I start simultaneously (well almost), that may take up to a minute for all to complete. I do not want to put TestToken in the threaded code because it could be hit many times and that might become a nightmare, so I really need to know whether the token is going to expire within the next 2 minutes (the threads MUST all complete within a 2 minute Window).

The brute force solution is to simply refresh token before the spawning of the threads, but this isn't terribly elegant.

tl;dr Does the Dropbox object have a property for access token expiry date/time (or some equivalent) like:



Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately there is currently no built-in functionality available to track expiry of the access token.
We'll have to investigate if this can be added in the future.