Access to Cobol (Microfocus/Acucobol) DB

Good morning,

there's a way to see in a future version a way to accessing to a cobol database?

In the specific, Microfocus cobol and Acucobol data base.

If is already possibile, there are any example?

Thank's for all


Hello Daniele, 

to be honest, you are the first one to ask for such support, so even if we consider it, it will take low priority right now. And I don't even have the knowledge to tell how much effort supporting those databases will take, is it SQL based?

Good morning,

thank's for reply on this topic.

I know that this is a very, very unusually request.

The main problem is cobol language that has it's own data base logic (Vison file system).

I don't think that is a SQL database.

About the priority ..... are (about) 8 years who i try to read acucobol/micro focus cobol data base via delphi without any success.

Even commercial product (included microfocus odbc) failed to read such data.

One my problem (and i know very well how you can't make a serious project just for only one person) is that in our office we use some programs written in cobol and uses ther own data base.

One point of view is that, till today, does not exist any tool(s) to interface a sql (meaning oracle, firebird, sql lite ecc..) world to a cobol world and the firther question is how many people needs a tool like that ?

Thank's for your attention.

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Interesting. Indeed I have no idea of how many people needs a tool like that. From the feedback we received, very few. But that can just mean that those people are searching for solutions elsewhere, not here. 

But I also wonder if this was something big, why microfocus odbc driver itself is not properly updated and fixed?

Good morning Wagner,

this is the main and big question !!!

How many people need it ?

Hard answer.

This bacause the base is hard to handle.

While with firebird (and other) with tools like Aurelius, flamerobin, dbawer, firedac, (and others) is quite easy to understand the db/tables structure, with cobol is impossible; in this case need a developer record structure (in my case the program developer does not sell the structures).

Very interesting road to walk on .... but close !!

Thank's for all