ABS function (example for order by)

Hello together,

I'm looking for an easy way to sort my query by ABS values.
I have an integer column with positive and negative values and urgently need the order in ascending order according to the absolute values.

This is a more complex ObjectManager.Find query that I call in a loop.

             .something else
             .OrderBy( abs( MyIntegerField))


Is there something simple here?


Ok, after a few tries I found a solution.
After the first test it works.

Can it be improved further? Or is it good the way it is?
(If ok, you can mark it as "solution")

.AddOrder( TOrder.Asc( TProjections.Sql<Integer>('abs({MyIntegerField})')))

Best regards, Thomas

Yes, that's a good way to do it.
You could also use SQL function mechanism, and register abs as a function. More info here:


But that would be overkill if you just want to use it once like you did.

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