About chinese in ASM block

Hello, I create a button with JS in an ASM block and set the text with chinese:

On page, the chinese is displayed as Mistaken Code

When I checked the {projectname}.js in folder "TMSWeb\Debug", I found the chinese was converted to Mistaken Code right there:

Is that a bug or I can do something to resolve it by myself?

Is your .PAS file UTF8 encoded?

Yes it is....
MainUnit.pas (12.6 KB)

I cannot reproduce this.
Here is a test project.
Project1.zip (5.3 KB)
When clicking the button, I get the expect result in the browser

Thanks @brunofierens . I make a test on a Windows computer, the result is correct, this issue is only on MacOS. I will try to find out why and report later.

If I move the chinese letter out from the asm block, the result is correct.

The issue is only on Mac and I find this temporary solution, so far it is OK, just let me know why when you kown please.

Thank you so much.

By the way, you can test with these chinese letters "你好,世界!", the meaning is "Hello World!" ;)

I get: