Ability to specify validation on fields

Can you add the possibility to add validation constraints in TMS Data Modeller?


1. Field must be more than 10 characters (minimum).

2. Field must not be negative.

3. Field must be between 50 and 100.

4. Field is not null.
[TColumnProp.Required] <-- how to check this constraint in code and popup a friendly user message?

If this data is emitted to the field, and can be parsed via RTTI, it would greatly reduce the amount of code required for data validation.

There is no such built-in mechanism for client-side validation. When you mention TMS Data Modeler I believe you are referring to the Aurelius export?


Can you add that as a feature to TMS Data Modeller?

It makes no sense to add that in TMS Data Modeler, because Aurelius itself doesn't have such validation mechanism. 

I think you can close this issue now. It's resolved here.