64 bits version


I'm running 64 bit Windows.

I just installed version 4.5 of the Diagram Studio and I can not compile the examples in 64-bit mode, it looks like the diagram was not planned for it, it's weird, right?

What does it take to compile it in 64 bit mode?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Diagram Studio has been compatible with 64-bit for a while already. But I admit we didn't test the latest version (although it should be no problem). What exact issues are you experiencing?

Where BPL and packages for 64-bit version are?

The package is not intended to be compiled directly into Win64, here is the error I have:
[dcc64 Erreur fatale] adgrmxe4.dpk(36): E2202 Package 'designide' requis non trouvé

This is logical given that there is only one package for the design and runtime or there should be two.

We should fix this in the next build !

Thank you in advance.


The package is intended only for installing the components in the IDE, which is 32-bit. If you need to build a 64-bit application with runtime packages and you want a separate package for diagram, then you must create a new package separately, indeed.

I think you should really created the second missing package to use it both in Win32 and Win64!

I am not a specialist in the creation of components, but as it is very urgent for me and my client, I ssay to two different BPL and I am not there, I still make mistakes.

It would be much better than it is the author who makes these two BPL one for runtime and one for design, no?


We can consider change this in future, but note this is not trivial. We will have to rename the package names and this might break compatibility with existing users if they are using the packages the way they are now, somehow. Also all the installers and deployment systems must be updated. So if you need this urgent, I would suggest you create the package manually, are you experiencing some problems with this?

Before anything else, I'm saying that is was very satisfied "Diagram Studio" is really a great product.

I do not like to disturb the authors without reason, but I do not manage to create two packages to use "diagram Sutdio" for Win64.

That does not bother me to break the current compatibility given the urgency with which I find myself facing my client.

If you could help me I would appreciate that.



Example: why there is a procedure "register" in the "FlowchartBlocks.pas" file and the contents of this procedure is found in the procedure of "FlowchartRegIDE.pas" file?

The procedure "Register" of "FlowchartBlocks.pas" file should not be simply delete it because it is duplicated?

Another question: The procedures "Register" in the files "LiveFlowChart.pas" and "LiveStatesChart.pas" should not they be put in separate as "LiveFlowChartRegIDE.pas" or "LiveStatesChartRegIDE.pas" files?

Autre exemple : dans l'unité "DiagramDesign"  comment proceder pour supprimer "DesignEditors, DesignIntf, DesignWindows" ?