3D Pie Chart to PDF

When I tried to create a PDF of the xls spreadsheet that contains a 3D pie chart, the PDF shows the pie chart as 2D instead of 3D. Are 3D pie charts supported to PDF?

Sorry, only 2-D charts are exported to PDF/HTML, etc. There aren't near-term plans to support 3D charts, since there is little demand for them, and the work to implement them is big.

I am so sorry to hear that. Thanks for the reply.

I really wish I could have a better answer, but it is sadly impossible to perfectly support every Excel feature. We try to focus in doing some (a lot) as good as possible, instead of doing everything, but nothing really well.

In the case of charts, the main issue is that 3D charts are normally considered a bad idea. They are flashy, but not good to visualize data. 3D pie charts are actually considered really bad, and you can find a thousand articles online telling you why. A random example:

You'll see that Excel too focus in 2D charts, and while 3D is supported, you won't see many new features since the '90s when they were introduced. So we also focus in getting the best 2D chart rendering as we can (see https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/blog.asp?post=574 to get an idea of all the work that went in 2D charts, and how we compare with not-excel spreadsheets like libreoffice or google sheets).

But ok, I am not here to tell you what you should use, and I can understand that this might be something you have no control over. But if you can choose the type of chart, I would strongly recommend you to not use 3D pie charts, even if in the future we supported them.

Adrian, we do not use 3D charts for flashiness.
We use the 3D to add depth. So a bar chart would have what you could call a 2D chart with a bit of a shadow. It is done very elegantly and without being flashy. So 2D bar chart with Depth for our chart for Chrysler and a 2D pie chart with depth for Honda. So, I appreciate your suggestion, but the charts are done very classy and readable and therefore we cannot change it.