217 error when progam exits, just included a MQTT unit

Trying to use TMS MQTT 2.0 in FPC 3.2.3 x86_64-win64 I am getting a 217 error during program's exit.
Sysutils is my first unit in uses main pas file. My program seems to work with an exception while finishing and no leaks reported by both fastmm4/5.
Just because I do not have such problems when compiled in 32bit Delphi, I used the fpcx64mm that provides more information and I got the following. At least TIdThreadSafeInteger and TIdCriticalSection are from Indy and this 217 error starts by adding the unit with the MQTT.
I am using official Indy components from Github but this happens with Lazarus' indy pack also.
Any ideas?

Memory Status:
Small: 8/448B including tiny<=128B arenas=8 fed from Medium
Medium: 5MB/6MB peak=6MB current=4 alloc=5 free=1 sleep=0
Large: 0B/0B peak=0B current=0 alloc=0 free=0 sleep=0
Small Blocks since beginning: 454K/15MB (as small=43/46 tiny=56/56)
32=439K 48=7K 64=2K 128=796 96=683 80=648 112=597 352=492
Small Blocks current: 8/448B
48=3 64=2 32=2 112=1
Leaks Identified:
small block leak x1 of size=48 (getmem=984 freemem=983)
small block leak x2 of size=48 (getmem=971 freemem=969)
small block leak x1 of size=32 (getmem=56192 freemem=56191)
small block leak x1 of size=32 (getmem=56196 freemem=56195)
small block leak x1 of size=64 (getmem=282 freemem=281)
small block leak x1 of size=112 (getmem=74 freemem=73)
small block leak x1 of size=64 (getmem=272 freemem=271)
Total small block leaks = 8
probable TFaultControl leak (96/112 bytes) at $0000000005FEBAF0
probable TIdThreadSafeInteger leak (24/32 bytes) at $0000000005E6D160
probable TUTF8Encoding leak (32/48 bytes) at $0000000005EF8860
probable TMBCSEncoding leak (32/48 bytes) at $0000000005EFBC30
probable TValueInteger leak (40/48 bytes) at $0000000005EFF9B0
probable TIdCriticalSection leak (48/64 bytes) at $0000000005F1E620
probable TIdCriticalSection leak (48/64 bytes) at $0000000005F3B6E0
Total objects leaks = 7

The latest version is v2.0.1.1
Did you try with this latest version? I tried. But I can test it also

I have posted the above problem in Indy Github and Remy Lebeau answered that indy's leaks are expected and in Delphi they are included in expected leaks, but not in FPC mm I tested.
The 217 error is fixed and it was due to a thread problem.
So, consider it as fixed

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