10.4.1. Sydney TAdvStringgrid missing transparency in Mini-HTML

Just installed the new Delphi 10.4.1. When i use Mini-HTML with a IMG-Tag and a linked TAdvPictureContainer in TAdvStringgrid, the Icons/Pictures ignore the transparent Color. Up to 10.4. Patch 3 it worked like a charme.

Any ideas?

What image format is this?
Do you see transparency issues elsewhere?

BMP 16x16 Pixel, 24 Bit

A 24bit BMP has no opacity channel.
I cannot see any evidence in our code that we rendered a 24b bitmap with transparency in earlier versions of Delphi.
I could not see rendering with transparency of such bitmaps in older versions of Delphi either.
I suggest to use a PNG or 32bit bitmap or an imagelist with transparency set.

Hi Bruno, checked the color-deepness again. It's 32 Bit and it worked until 10.4. without problems. Loaded the project in 10.4.1. and the transparency is gone.

Hi tms,

with the latest Version of VCL UI Pack the error with the transparency is gone. But no word about it in the version History. Anyway Thank you!

It appeared to be a side-effect of another change indeed. Glad all is fine again!

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