10.3 Rio compatibility?

It looks like it has not been touched since mid 2017...

Is there a coming version that would make it compatible with 10.3 Rio?
That would be awesome.

Hi Steve,

FixInsight version with Rio support will be ready soon. Probably next week.


As a Xmas gift ? ;-)

what is the status here?

I'm also waiting and got no answer to my support-question yet.

What is the status of the support of 10.3?
We want ot evaluate this (with 10.2), but we are on our way to move to 10.3.

So without support of 10.3, we will not buy it.
It was announced for the 2nd week of December, that more than 6 weeks ago.
Any ETA for an updated release for Rio?
Tadaaa! At least a download is there: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/fixinsight.asp
But no version info on the web page for 2019.01

And no download link either... still tokyo 10.2, no trace of Rio 10.3

But my guess is that it's around the corner now, available anytime soon with the new download and the version history up to date.

@SteveJordi, the TMS web site isn't yet up to date. The installer is the same for all versions. Just download it.