Where is the "home dir" located or set? (like PUBLIC_HTML)

I've got a service that's working, built with Holger's template, which I believe started out as the demo provided with XData.

I want to set up a folder where I'll put some files to be downloaded by users. Where is the virtual "home directory" located where I can put that folder with DL files in it? Or how is it specified?

The only settings I can find are for URLs. There's a virtual folder name you can provide, but I don't know what that maps to on the C: drive.

I'm not sure about which home directory you are referring to. There is no such concept in XData, thus it's up to you to define or specify the directories you use.

Ok, thanks for reminding me of that, Wagner. I guess it's just listening to the IP and Port#. So it's running on a Windows server, which would mean I'd just need to set up a folder somewhere that can be accessed via HTTP GET requests via the built-in IIS server?

I'm thinking it would be easier to send the client a URL and have the client do the DL than have them go through the service to get the files. Or is there no difference? We're talking about MP3 files that are 50k-100k in size.

What about something like what Dropbox does, when you get a DL link, and it sends a URL with some random details in the URL that goes through some kind of vitual mapping scheme to get the file? I need to send them a URL for each file one way or another. There could be dozens in a short time period (eg., 5 mins) for a given user.

What are your thoughts on this?

If you want to serve static files, you an add a TSparkleStaticServer component, which wraps the TStaticModule).

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