WebCore - Sending printer commands with FNC Printer Lib

I'm actually developping a web-based software with WebCore to drive label-Printers like ZEBRA. I want to send the ZPL2-printer commands to the printer and do not use a canvas as described in the tutorials.
Is it possible to send commands with the FNC Printer Lib? The printer is usually connected by network. (Fixed IP)
brgds. alex.

The FNC Printer lib invokes the browser Print. So, when your printer has a driver that can be used from the browser print, this should work.
When your printer can only accept commands via network commands, what interface does it have? Just TCP/IP socket communication? HTTP commands?

In VCL we use the Embarcadero Socket-Component to send the Commands (simple ANSI-Text) to the printer. But we also use a RAW-Printer solution where we use the Windows printer driver GenericTextOnly to send the commands to the printer (To avoid a bitmap).
If we can pre-select the GenericTextOnly-Driver by WebCore this should be a solution.
We can not enforce the user to select the Generic-Printer for each print job.

At the moment we test if we can use the appreciated TMS WebCore framework or if we have to do it with the (oldfashioend) IntraWeb framework from Atozed. The only advantage of IntraWeb is the direct printing to the fixed IP-Adress of the printer.
(Thanks god that we have the TMS-IntraWeb components even in IntraWeb. ;-)

You could try using the WebSocket API