Using service operations in Miletus?

Hey everyone. Do you know if it's possible to use Service Operation interfaces in a Miletus application? It seems to all be fine until the step of actually compiling the service interface, which stops with an error on the uses for XData.Service.Common.


[Error] AuthService.pas(6): can't find unit "XData.Service.Common"

Would be really excellent if this could be done because it's quite a lot easier than even the easiest alternatives to call an XData endpoint.


It's not possible yet. Miletus is essentially a Web Core application, thus you should use the approach for such applications, as described here:

Could the information about type casting and JSObject be added to that page?

I ended up doing almost exactly what it says on the link you provided, but got a bit confused and ended up parsing the JSON results myself, thereby missing out on what JSObject can actually do -- get typecast to any result type, which could be based on the same classes my service operations use as their result types.

Not quite as good as a "native" client can do with XData, but pretty darn good still. I'll just need to rewrite my result handling -- fortunately the app isn't too big yet to do this.

Thanks for the help so far!