Is there a sample anywhere of using a TWebContinuousScroll in conjunction with a TXDataWebClient and a TXDataWebDataSet. If it used images so much the better.



Sorry, at this moment we do not have a ready to use demo of this specific combination.

Thanks. I use a query based on the firedac xdata example and this works well using RawInvoke to use it as a table.

For a continuous scroll I am setting the URL as http://localhost:2001/tms/houses which retrieves the data fine. I think the problem is that it returns:

"value": [
"$id": 1,
"HouseRef": "BLO0010259",
"AskPrice": 129950,
"NumBaths": 1,
"NumBeds": 1,
"NumRecept": 1,
"LocalAuthority": "SCC",
"SaleTypeInt": 1,

wheras your continues scrool example does not have "value":

I see that there is an OnResponseToArray function. How do I use this to convert the response to a suitable array?

I have resolved this by changing my service contract/implementation function (if that is the correct terminoligy) to return a TJSONArray and populate it myself converting the images to base64. This then works fine in the TWebContinuosScroll if I use
in the ItemTemplate.

This works perfectly using SwaggerUI. Also TWebResponsiveGrid.LoadFromJSON works and I suspect any other of the Web Core components that rely on JSON.