TTMSFNCGrid Column Sorting

When using a TTMSFNCGrid in conjunction with a TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter columns are not sorting. What do I have to do to get this to work?

I have set Sorting.Columns to scSingle and Sorting.Mode to gsmNormal.



When using the TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter as-is, the grid displays the connected dataset and sorting is supposed to happen on the dataset. The grid will always reflect the sorted dataset.
If for some reason, you cannot sort the dataset, you can have the grid display & sort the data by calling 

After this, the regular sorting functions on the grid itself will work.

Thanks Bruno.

We have searched a long time for problems with FNCGrid und found this here.

The most problems are solved by reason of using LoadAllDataAndDisconnect.

The Question: Is there any place where we can find information/documentation of this?
In "TMSFNCGridDevGuide.pdf"  nothing is found.
(We are new with FMX and FNC and want use these together with XData and Aurelius.)

I'll check with the responsible developer to make this more clear in the manual.

But basically, LoadAllDataAndDisconnect does what its name implies: it loads all data from the dataset and then disconnects from the dataset. Meaning that after this, all operations in the grid (like grouping, sorting, filtering, ...) can be done without interfering with the dataset but working with the loaded data in the grid.