TTMSFMXRichEditor Status ?


I was wondering what the status of the TTMSFMXRichEditor is.
Just for testing purposes I opened a few example RTF files.
But the result was hardly satisfying.

Bullets/numbering, (floating) images, headers/footers, paragraph formatting all seem to have issues.

Are there known bugs or restrictions on the TTMSFMXRichEditor component ?
I could upload example files if needed, just let met know (how/where).


TTMSFMXRichEditor aims at providing a MS WordPad feature-level rich editor.

Therefore, not all MS Word RTF features are supported (floating images for example are not supported).
If you see issues with MS WordPad level features, please send the problematic RTF files by email. There are a myriad of tools generating RTF and the differences, extensions, quirks in the RTF format are numerous. So, if you have problematic files, we'll inspect these and try to increase compatibility of the RTF parser with the specific issues you might encounter.

I have sent example RTF files to the "info@" emailaddress.

The files were received and we'll investigate these and report via email.

Hi Bruno,

Is there any progress on this ?

This is still on my list. Due to the deadline to finish several releases before the XMas holiday period, it was really hectic here and I could unfortunately not handle this yet.

No problem Bruno,

Enjoy the holidays.
Hope to hear from you soon in the next year.

Thanks & same for you. 

I hope I can come back to you somewhere next week when it is hopefully somewhat calmer and I can allocate time to concentrate on this.