Trouble with myCloudData SDK install on current node LTS and Heroku

Is there a version of the SDK designed for current LTS versions of node? We are having a really difficult time adapting this to run on Heroku with a modern buildpack and currently available npm dependencies (which are not listed in package.json properly...).



Unfortunately there are currently no plans to support newer Node versions for the myCloudData SDK.

We would like to inform you that a myCloudData successor based on .NET is in the works.
We expect this new solution to become available in the second half of the year.

Does that mean it won't run on Linux hosts?

Can you make a version that's headless so it doesn't depend on a UI and isn't platform dependent?

With the API it should be possible to build a separate UI. But why should access to the API be dependent on what UI features you've chosen to use?

Would be very excited to help test the .Net version, thanks for the update.
If it is .Net Core it could still run on Linux hosts.