TMSFNCGrid Merge Issue

Grid having merged cells giving access violation when column count is set to zero.

I am showing Grid with data (say, grid having 5 columns and 5 rows),After that, I want to show some other data in the same grid (say, 4 columns and 4 rows). So for reinitialising the grid if I set ColumnCount := 0 its giving access violation error.

We are not able to reproduce this issue here, can you provide a sample/code snippet?

In the merged cell (Cells[4,4]) I am showing a web browser. When setting ColumnCount := 0 its giving access violation. If the web browser is not placed its working fine. Should I remove the web browser before setting Column Count := 0?

Yes, because the cell objects are being cleared and that could be the issue with the browser not being properly referenced anymore.