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The log file you provided showed unexpected results for the search action.
This happens because the search query is also matched against file text content.
Please make sure to check if the item(s) in the search result is indeed a folder with the ItemType property.

We'll have to investigate if search functionality can be improved in the future by adding extra parameters to limit the results to only include folders for example.

Hi Bart, the comparison of the text of the file has always been done, in the method there is a parameter called ExactMatch, I want to suppose it is used to retrieve what exactly matches the string to search, as I have been repeating these errors they were not In the previous version of the component, I have the app loaded on my iphone and it works correctly (If you want to check it, I can send you a video), they need to verify what they changed when they added the external browser.

One more question, how do I loop through the results that the SearchList method currently returns?



  • I'm not sure if any changes where made to the Search method when ExternalBrowser was added, but I'll re-open this issue and report back as soon as possible.

  • You can iterate the search results like this:

     folderOS := TMSFMXCloudBoxNetDrive1.SearchList(carpetastr, true, nil);
    for I := 0 to folderOS.Count do
      if folderOS.Items[I].ItemType = cifolder then

Thanks Bart for your support


After further investigation I can confirm no changes were made to the SearchList method. I'm not sure what could be causing the difference in search results on your side.
However we'll investigate to add more search options to avoid this issue in the future.