TFlexcelPreview and view modes


I try to implement some view modes.
Only "continuous" mode (as it is now in demo app) is ok so far, working

Is it possible to set preview in a way that thumbs shows all pages, but second one (full size) - only one (and without scrolls), like "single page" mode?

Here is some more modes (potentially):

  • "two up" (displays top two pages side by side)
  • "continuously two up" (two pages side by side for whole range)

Thanks in advance

Sorry, but currently there is no support for view modes in the preview. It is something we have in our todo list for the preview (along many other things, like allowing to delete pages from the preview or setting the margins), but it has low priority, so it has been in our list for a long time, to be 100% honest it likely will still be. Our todo list is just huge, and there are too many things competing for being the next thing implemented.