TAdvStringGrid vers. touchscreen


can I ask you, what should I set in TAdvStringGrid.Touch to enable scrolling up/down on touch screens as anybody expect?

Using just one finger and move it down or up - to avoid using scrollbars?

I tried several combinations of switches in Touch property, but it still not working properly

Thank you in advance.

Did you try:

AdvStringGrid.MouseActions.TouchScroll := true ?

Just now - I did not find it before.

It is a little bit better, but still not exactly the same as apps on phone.
But maybe it is partly problem of the touch screen.

Can I set some parameters of sensibility or speed of scrolling in the grid?

Thank you a lot.

Sorry, at this time, there aren't extra parameters.
What exactly would you wish to parametrize?

I'm not sure what I need.

It is quite different to what I am expected.

Maybe the speed of scrolling?

Sometimes I move finger up or down on display, but it did not scroll - but I don't know, if it is problem with display or with grid.

I can capture the behavior by phone and put it on the web.

Thank you, Tomas