TAdvStringGrid + AppendOnArrowDown


Using latest Delphi / TMS.

I need to be able to appendonarrowdown in TAdvStringGrid. (enabled in Navigation)
I'm not using AllwaysEdit.
But it only works if the InPlaceEditor is not showing. (Editmode = true)

If editmode is true I can press VK_UP and move to prior row. It automagically disables editmode.
But pressing VK_DOWN does nothing.
I have to manually quit editmode (hitting ESC ie.) before being able to arrowdown to append.

What should I do to achieve this?
Kind Regards

Thanks for the feedback.
That is indeed not intuitive.
We have adapted this behavior. In the next update it will also append when using arrow down from the active inplace editor on the last row.Bruno Fierens2018-01-12 11:37:22

Thanks Bruno.

Is the fix available as a patch for current version?

Please contact us by email if you need an urgent incremental source update.


Thank you - I will.
Customers need this :-)

Hi again.

I've tested the patch - and it almost works :-)
AutoAddRow event does not get triggered when appending from inplace editor.

Let me know if that behaviour is expected or you plan further fix for this error.
Luckily I caught this before releasing to my customers :-)

I've found a workaround / possible fix.

Since it's a "patch to a not yet released patch" .. I will send my suggestion to your support email.

Thanks, we've handled this by direct email.

I hope my suggestion is ok and that we have not missed anything else :-)

Thanks for good support.