TAdvMemo Bookmark Image

The new feature list for version 3 of TAdvMemo has: "Optional bookmark index drawing on bookmark"

However, I can't find any documentation to cover this.

Can you provide some insight to this?



This code sets a bookmark with index 1 shown on line 10:

  advmemo1.Bookmark[10] := true;
  advmemo1.BookmarkIndex[10] := 1;

Hi Bruno,

Yes, I understand the above code, but the new feature said: "Optional bookmark index drawing on bookmark".

I'm confused, the about the ["drawing" on bookmark] makes it sound like you can draw on the bookmark image.

TAdvMemo draws the index number on top of the bookmark image.

Thanks, I see how this works now. 

The AdvMemo1.HasBookmarks method fails to return true when this is used:

 AdvMemo1.Bookmark[LineNumber] := true ;

This works and HasBookmarks returns true.

FAdvMemo.Bookmarks[0] := LineNumber ;