Some suggestions


1. Login Page
I'm wondering why there is the "No account yet?" section on the API login form.
For a end-user, creating an new account from here would not give any access to shares as long as an admin will provide access to some tables.
In addition, it would keep the entire form on a single mobile screen.

2. Custom Page

It would be nice to get this form with custom logos and labels. You could offer another subscription level, even slightly more expensive, where the admin could replace the TMS Software identity by another one.
What do you think ?

What about having a language switch un the API login url?


  1. We'll discuss this. Not sure if this should be handled for API login and if this isn't something that should be offered as a choice in an earlier/different stage

    2. Yes, that is a valuable suggestion. At this moment, this is something that can be done with the myCloudData SDK for self-hosting but I understand it is also valuable to have it for a hosted solution.
Thank you for your feedback.
Indeed,the idea is to expose stuff as they would be configured with the SDK but still hosted by you.

You're talking about so-called "white-label branding".

Has anything been done to address this?