I have a 3D application that is using FmxFMXHTMLText. I am showing about 200 words on a 3D layer. The more words I show the slower the application run, does anyone have any advice to

1) Speed up the time to display the text
2) Allocate memory or release memory to prevent the app from running slowly.


Not sure how many times your app causes this label to refresh.

The HTML processing is only happening during the painting of the control, so if you cause frequent repaints, it could affect performance. If you cannot reduce the repaint frequency, you might consider caching the rendered text in a bitmap and draw that bitmap only.

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your advice.

Do you have a quick example you can do for me to show how to 'caching the rendered text in a bitmap and draw that bitmap only'?


Sorry, I don't have this around here, I'd need to allocate some time to do this. When I have some time left, I'll look into this.

Thank you Bruno, really appreciate your good service.