Problem with xdata crud and field / column long name

Hello I need your help with XData CRUD:

I'm testing XData with Firebird, but I'm having a problem with long table column or field names.

When I make a call to the service I get this error:

"mistake": {
"code": "DatabaseError",
"message": "Field 'A_P_COMISION_COBRO_PRECIO_MAXIMO' not found"

The name of the field in the entities generated by Aurelius is P_COMISION_COBRO_PRECIO_MAXIMO but I don't understand why it puts two characters before it, the characters are 'A_'

It doesn't happen with short or not so long names.

Set EnforceAliasMaxLength property of the Firebird generator to True:

  Aurelius.Sql.Register, Aurelius.Sql.Firebird;
  Generator: TFirebirdSQLGenerator;
  Generator := (TSQLGeneratorRegister.GetInstance.GetGenerator('Firebird') as TFirebirdSQLGenerator);
  Generator.EnforceAliasMaxLength :- True;