No blinking Cursor in TadvListEditor

I have a strange problem with TAdvListEditor.
If I'm using the listeditor in my application, independently where it has been placed, the cursor deosn't appears. I can write, and delete. But with an invisible cursor. Sometimes, the left area of the component doesn't show the textcontent, or just a half letter.

  1. First letter has been entered (No cursor, Letter correct):
  2. Second letter has been entered (The cursor doesen't blink, first Letter has been cut):

If I copy the comonent into a new application, everything works fine.

Do you have an idea, how I can solve this problem?


I suspect this must be related to Font size. Can you verify differences in font size settings between situation where it is working and situation where it is not working?

I've changed the font size several times, but theres no change in the behaviour.

Then we will need to be able to reproduce this here to investigate.
Can you create a sample source project to reproduce and send it.