Name clashes b/w ADVStringGrid + TMSMenus packages

We have a package that requires both the TMSMenus and ADVStringGrid package. Everytime we move to a new version of ADVStringGrid, we have to cleanup name clashes between your two packages in order to successfully compile our package. Our cleanup procedure is as follows:

1. In package ADVStringGrid we rename units

a. PictureContainer.pas to AsgPictureContainer.pas

b. advgdip.pas to Asgadvgdip.pas

c. AdvXPVS.pas to AsgAdvXPVS.pas

d. advstyleif.pas to Asgadvstyleif.pas.

2. We replace the units in step 1 in the use clauses of all units of package ADVStringGrid.

I would be nice, if this issue could be fixed once in your source code.

Simultaneous install of both packages with shared units is explained here: 
The more convenient solution is to upgrade to TMS Component Pack, that provides all these components and many more in a single install.