myCloudData API Doc is missing data in some browsers

There seems to be a browser issue where some of the JSON examples in the myCloudData API specs is not showing up.

TTMSFNCCloudMyCloudData - TMS FNC Cloud Pack

It shows up in Safari, but not in Chrome or Edge.

Thank you for notifying, however I'm not seeing any issues on the page you linked to when using Chrome.
Have you tried refreshing the page?
If the problem persists, can you please point me to the exact place in the document where something is not showing up?

It's all throughout the document where it shows the structures of JSON data to be sent -- they're just thin rectangular boxes with nothing in them. The look fine in Safari, but that's on my Mac. These are inside of my VM. I only have Chrome and Edge in it, and they both show the same strangeness.

The missing data should show up after refreshing the page.
We'll investigate to have this resolved.

nope, refresh doesn't help.