Multi-Select Photos From Gallery

I have an application that allows the user to take multiple photos and send those photos to a server based on some attached information.

I have since modified the app to allow the user to save the photos to their iPhone.

Now I am looking for a way to select those multiple images from the photo library to load them into a listview or some other control so I can send them to the server.

I have read some posts on the forum that go back to 2015 such as this one:

Which indicates that, at the time, this was not feasible but there was a possibility that it could be added at a later date.

4 years later, I am wondering if this functionality was developed and if this is something that can now be accomplished using the iCL components?


Leonard Mann


Due to the low response and demand, this non-trivial technical custom project hasn't made it to our priority list. Hoping for your understanding.