Linker error

I have this error when I compile a XData project under linux
[DCC Erreur] E2597 D:...\Linux64\Debug\Sparkle.WebBroker.Adapter.o:Sparkle.WebBroker.Adapter:function Sparkle::Webbroker::Adapter::apr_table_do(int ()(void, char*, char*), void*, apr_table_t*): error: undefined reference to 'apr_table_do'

Delphi 11.1
Linux Sdk: ubuntu 20.04
XData 5.7.00 (but was same with previous sprkle and xdata versions)

Usually that is a problem with the .dproj file you are using. I suggest you create a new Apache module from the Delphi wizard, make sure it compiles, and then add the files you need to such new project.

I also experience the same problem when I compile in console mode for linux

You are geting a linker error related to apr_table_do when compiling to console mode? That doesn't make much sense, since such procedure is related to Apache. Are you referencing Apache units in console application?

Yes, If I comment out the units Sparkle.Webbroker.adapter and everything related to that unit it compiles with out errors, I also did recreate the console apache app but still the same, If I compile as normal apache app not in console then it compiles with out error but then I cannot debug it

You can't create an "Apache Console App". You should create an Apache module project.

Yes, that's the point

Thanks Wagner