is it possible with TadvTreeView.LoadDirectory to use checkBoxes

When I use

if SelectDirectory('Select Directory', GetMyDocuments, dir) then
Edit2.Text := dir;

Like in your DemoCode, can I use CheckBoxes in this TreeView? and how can I do this.
Are there a Sample for making a TreeView from a Directory and then copy Checked Items to an other TreeView ? So that I have a selection of Directories and Files in the other Treeview.

Sorry, this is not possible at the moment directly in the TAdvDirectoryTreeView, you'll need a TAdvCheckedTreeView for that. We also don't have code available to copy over items, unfortunately we'll see if we can create a code snippet if time permits

Thanks for tying to help.
Me and my trainees are try to understand the advTreeView.
We try to set File and Directory Information in the TreeView and then get more Information as only the name back when selecting a Node in the TreeView.
There are not many Samples to learn how to set more information (like an ID) in the TreeView and then get the ID back to get all the Information from a List of Records with this ID.

Each node has a set of Data* properties, you can use those to store and retrieve custom data

I did not found anything in the Dokumentation with the Word "Data".
Do you have a code sample for setting an integer Value and reading it to a node?
Or getting the full path of a directory in the .LoadDirectory funktion

The full path is stored in the FileName property:

procedure TForm1.AdvDirectoryTreeView1NodeClick(Sender: TObject;
  ANode: TAdvTreeViewVirtualNode);
  fn: string;
  fn := (ANode.Node as TAdvDirectoryTreeViewNode).FileName;

Thank you, that was helpfull.

I also find help in your post Adv(Directory)TreeView - #3 by Peter_Kaisler
Now i try to find out what else i can get out of this node.
Little Code Lines help a lot.

Many thanks.