Internet Explored Issue

Works fine in other browsers but did before. IE is old, but still accounts for about 10% of all browsers so it is important that whatever you do works in IE.

I have had to disable the usage of my web app when users are using IE. This is obviously not a very good solution. The layout is poor and there are frequent errors. I hope something is being done about this.

As already mentioned in my previous post, the issue is being looked at.

I'm on Web Core I'm running the demo TMSWeb_Simple and get the same issue in Internet Explorer. In this demo it is just Web Core components.

Is there an easy way to show a message that the browser is not supported when ran on IE?

We applied a fix for IE.
Next update will address this.

We got blank screen on Internet Explorer when the tms project is started.Did you fix this problem?

We stopped actively supporting Internet Explorer.
There are meanwhile JavaScript language features used that Internet Explorer doesn't handle.
Internet Explorer is no longer maintained nor supported by Microsoft and is a security risk to use, so we stopped supporting it.