IDE Crash - Delphi 10.4.1

Hi there

Im not sure if this is linked to TMS Google Maps or EMB, so I also reported with EMB Quality Control.

When I hold down the CTRL and click mouse, to find the declaration eg GetDirections, it crashes the IDE

Does not seem to be an issue for other procedures etc

Have you experienced this?

Please note that this issue has been confirmed by Embarcadero to be an issue in the Delphi framework.
Unfortunately we have no control over this.
The issue will hopefully be resolved in a future Delphi update.

Alternatively I can suggest using TMS FNC Maps instead.
This product is based on a more advanced architecture where the reported issue does not occur.
Detailed product information can be found here:

Hi Bart

Many thanks for the confirmation. Do you know the RSP? No probs if you dont....
Again, thank you for your quick response...

Hi Parvin,

No problem!
Unfortunatley we have no information on when this issue will be fixed in Delphi.