How to use WebOpenDialog

Thanks, Steve, but I've gotten this sorted out for the most part. It seems like if you're working with Delphi on both sides of a connection, and you can count on that forever going forward, then things can work fairly smoothly. Bruno has made clear that's all TMS is really interested in. But in the world of web apps, I'm not convinced that's a smart strategy. In particular, I use both a Windows host and a Linux host, mainly b/c I don't find building Delphi apps that run on Linux to be a very straightforward process. PHP is the language used on most Linux hosts for back-end activities; if you know C, C++, and javascript, then you know about 80% of PHP, although PHP has been diverging over time. The environmental stuff is different, but that's going to be the case anyway switching platforms -- just look at how quirky using WEB Core can be than using the VCL to accomplish the exact same tasks with the same components! I mean ... it comes with the territory, and is expected.

Anyway, I love TMS; I love their products; I love the fact that they're doing stuff that Embt should have been doing 10+ years ago; I realize they're just as resource constrained as anybody else today (except maybe Google, MS, Amazon, and IBM); and I can't fault them for sticking to their guns. I just wish the use of Linux wasn't such a stretch to do in Delphi or that it's only limited to people with bigger budgets. And that includes working with the most common back-end scripting language in the world today that's used on Linux platforms. Hint: it's NOT Delphi! Building web app clients in Delphi should not require the use of Delphi on the back-end. But that's just my opinion, and it's the source of a lot of my questions here. That's all.

If you're not already familiar with it, do yourself a favor and look into CodeTyphon. If you enjoy Pascal as your primary language of choice, and if you want to go where Delphi simply doesn't allow you to always go, then it's definitely worth a look. I discovered it back in 2015, and I've been using it to build all of my back-end stuff that runs on Linux x86 (traditional servers) and Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi).

I use Delphi for all of my desktop/mobile applications, and TMS Web for all of my web-based projects. Whenever I need to use Linux (either GUI or command line), I go straight to CodeTyphon.

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