Hint on chart in generated pdf


we generate a report using FlexCell and export it to pdf-format.
We then display the pdf in a browser.
When hovering over the chart a hint is displayed 'Grafiek 2'.
Can this be turned off? I can't find where in the Excel-file the hint is coming from.

Bernaert Dominique


I don't see it here, is this with Adobe Acrobat?

In any case, the hint you see is probably the name of the chart. If you select the chart in Excel and look at the "names box" at the top left corner (red circle below):

Do you see 'Grafiek 2' in the names box? If you change the name, does the hint you see change?

This is probably related with the tagging FlexCel does of the pdf file, and turning off tagging should remove the hint will probably remove it (setting http://www.tmssoftware.biz/flexcel/doc/vcl/api/FlexCel.Render/TFlexCelPdfExport/TagMode.html to None).

But you will lose tagging if you do that, which will make the file less accessible.

Indeed, when I change that name, the hint is changed.
But I can't make it empty, but that's okay, I can give it a meaningfull name.