Help With ASG New Cell Color Behavior

I just installed the newst TMS Component Pack with ASG  I am using the VCL version with C++ Builder 2009
I use the code below to set the cell text and reset the cell background color to white. This has worked in the past but with ASG the second line of code, AdvStringGrid1->Colors[0]=(Graphics::TColor)clWhite; causes the text font color to change to a light gray from the standard black.  When I remove the line AdvStringGrid1->Colors[0]=(Graphics::TColor)clWhite; the cell font color remains black.
So my question is this, Am I setting the background color incorrectly? Do I need to reset the font color at the same time I reset the background color?

AdvStringGrid1->Cells[0] = "Updated";

It is unclear how this could works or worked.

The correct way to set a cell text and cell color is:
grid->Cells[col][row] = "yourtext";
grid->Colors[col,row] = clRed;

With a default grid on the form this code, this works:

  advstringgrid1->Colors[0][0] = clWhite;
  advstringgrid1->Cells[0][0] = "text";

I believe I found that problem and I have a work around.  If you want to try here are the steps I use to reproduce the issue.  I am using ASG  with C++ Builder 2009

1) I start with a filled ASG 15 colums and 500 rows.
2) I set the ASG to Enabled=false and the ASG is then automatically grayed out.
3) I then update my ASG changing the cell color and the cell text.
4) When the update is complete I reset the ASG Enabled = true.  At this point the text in the cells I updated the color for using advstringgrid1->Colors[0][0] = clAnyColor;  remains grayed out. The cell text still looks like the cell is Enable =false. The rest of the ASG returns to normal.
I have a work around and all is OK here.
Thank you very much for your help.

We could trace & solve this issue. Next update will address this.