Headless use possible

Is there a way to run scripts that do not interact with the GUI in services/daemons on Linux and Windows?

I am porting a software written in Delphi 2007/Kylix3 to D10.3. This uses remo objects pascal script for processing. I would love to replace pascal script by TMS scripter and wonder if the scripter engine can be run in a headless environment in a windows service or linux daemon. Looking at the demos and following my first tests everything is pretty much GUI related.

Thanks in advance & stay healthy!

Yes, you can run just a script without GUI involvement. That is possible.

All is great here, hope you are good as well, stay healthy!

Thanks, meanwhile I discovered that using the FMX Initialization works fine on console level and for Linux I jus  had to comment out dependencies on FMX. 

I am super happy to replace RemObjects Pascal as this does not compile for Linux and it is much more complicated to use than TMS Scripter.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the feedback and kind words.