FNC Websocket on Windows 64?

I tried to implement FNC WebSocket in an older application.
But unfortunately it does not work for Windows 64 target?
The components are greyed and the hint in the component palette tells me they only support windows 32.
That is both in VCL and FMX on Delphi 11.1 and at least VCL in Delphi 10.2.3.

Is that a bug or intended?


No, it is not intended. We fixed it now and the next version will contain the necessary changes.

Can you try to set the target to 32-bit, drop the component on the form and change the target to 64-bit again?

That's great to here.
Your tip actually worked.
I didn't think of it, since it never has, when a component was indicated to only work for a special platform.

Btw. your answer is the reason why I love TMS.
If something is wrong, you fix it.
If not, you try to figure out, what the problerm is and how it at least can be worked around.


Thanks for the nice comment!