Column gets hidden in Excell 2003


We are exporting a table to excell it works great in excell 2007 but in 2003 one column with multiline text gets hidden when you export to TFileFormats.Xlsx. When we export to TFileFormats.Xls, then the column shows up but we are now limited with the amount of rows we can export.

I tried few options including this, with no success
                    columnFormat = TFlxFormat.CreateStandard2007();
                    columnApplyFormat = new TFlxApplyFormat();
                    columnFormat.Hidden = false;
                    columnApplyFormat.Hidden = true;
                    xlsReport.SetColFormat(i, columnFormat, columnApplyFormat, true);

Please advice

Thank You


We have already answered this by direct email some days ago, if you haven't got an answer please make sure to look in your junk mail.  If the answer is there, mark it as "not junk", and if possible put tms in a whitelist. But normally, when writing to us if you don't receive an answer in more than a day, make sure you look at the junk mail.

I am pasting the answer here:
While this looks like a bug in the xlsx loader in 2003, the  code to unhide a column in FlexCel should be:
xls.SetColHidden(col, false);

Can you try with that?
If the problem persists, can you send me a file that shows what you are getting?

By the way, as an unrelated note, if you want to support Excel 2003, you shouldn't use more than 65536 rows, because Excel 2003 can't use more than that, even if the file is xlsx. Users in 2003 will see the file truncated.