ClientServer Demo does not work in 64 Bit

64 Bit Client does not work. (Server 32 and 64 Bit)
Can I help myself or is there more to do here?

Many thanks

Please clarify a bit more on "doesn't work". What exactly doesn"t work?

Oh, sorry. 

No Log-Message comes to the server. In 32 Bit all messages are listed, but in 64 Bit nothing happens.

compile Server (32 Bit or 64 Bit is the same)
start Server, it runs
compile Client (64 Bit)
start client, it runs
click button to send log message, but nothing will be displayed in the server

It's unclear what is happening.

Please keep running it under 32 bit for now. We'll investigate what is going wrong.

Ok, thank you. But my server services are working only under 64 Bit.

My last test with the TMSLoggingTCPClient.exe bings the same results.

I will work with Browser and tText Output