callback URL for accessing from inside of a VM?

I'm doing my dev work inside of a Win10 VM hosted on MacOS (Catalina).

I saw something that showed the URL for localhost but now I can't find it again.

Is this use even possible -- calling back an app running inside of a VM?

Is the callback absolutely required for testing?

UPDATE: I'm trying to run the myCloudData ToDoList demo, and it shows the URL I should be using as:


I entered the API Key and ... what do I use for Table Name?

There's a TMSRestClientDemo_Contacts table in my Control Panel, and I don't think I created that. How does the table get created for this ToDo demo?

The callback is required for a one-time authentication. After authentication the provided access-token can be persisted for re-use.

The demo auto-creates the Contacts table by using API calls for demonstration purposes.

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Which demo creates that Contacts table?

The ToDoList demo needs to have a table created, but there's no info on it. It should probably create the table itself.

The demo included here auto-creates the TMSRestClientDemo_Contacts if it doesn't exist yet:

The TMS WEB Core pdf guide mentions the table and fields for the ToDoListDemo should be created

It could indeed be improved by auto-creating the table as well.

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