Apply Templates given in the Folder "Gallery"


How can i apply the Templates, given in the "Gallery" Folder, onto my dbadvwebgrid?
I can't figure out which property i have to use.

Thank you very much


- Right-click the TIWDBAdvWebGrid control on the form and select "Gallery" from the pop-up menu.
- Select the desired template and press Ok on the dialog to apply it.
When I Right-click the Grid i doesn't get the "Gallery" - Option.
May i mail you a picture of the menu i get (Note: its German)?

Can you please make sure the design time support package was installed correctly?

The filename of the required package is:iw14tmsgriddedxe9upd.dproj
(Please replace "dxe9" with the version of Delphi you are using, detailed instructions can be found in install.txt)

I reinstalled it and now it works.

Thank you very much

One last and maybe stupid question:

where do i have to put the Gallery ini files, so that i can select them in the "Gallery" Menu?

As indicated in install.txt:

Installing the grid & menu gallery support

Create the directory:

  C:\Program Files\tmssoftware\TMSIWPRO\Preferences

and copy the contents of the Gallery directory in this
new directory, ie.

  C:\Program Files\tmssoftware\TMSIWPRO\Preferences\Grids
  C:\Program Files\tmssoftware\TMSIWPRO\Preferences\Menus