AdvTodoList: different "styles" for items?

Sorry pressed return ;-)
Here is my short question:
is it possible to set i.e. the backgorund color or font color depending on items "status" property?
(may be via a "onDrawItem" method)

Regards, Frank

you can set for example:

  TodoList1.CompletionFont.Color := clred;
  TodoList1.CompletionFont.Style := [fsStrikeOut];

Hello Nancy!

Yes, I know and use it already.
But my client wants status "tsDeferred" to indicate by an other effect such like "grayed font" or
Is it possible to use todolist.List.OnDrawItem?

We have added a new event: OnDrawItemProp() with which you'll be able to dynamically change the column's item brush, pen and font. So, this way, you can implement a status dependent item font