AdvStringGrid DateTimes cells

Hi to All,
there's a way to store, in datetimes datatype, also the seconds ?
I need to work the time with the seconds.
For exmple, if the datetime is 11/11/2020 11:05:35 the datetimes is stored as 11/11/2020 11:05
In procedure SetDateTimes there's

Cells[ACol,ARow] := FormatDateTime(ShortDateFormat + ' ' + ShortTimeFormat,Value)

I think in the options (if i do not miss it) there's onother one with the possibility to take care, even, of the seconds.

Thank's for attention


Using grid.DateTimes[col,row]: TDateTime, it will use the short time format.
If you want to store seconds, you could

  1. change FormatSettings.ShortTimeFormat to include seconds
  2. write the value with the formatting of your choice directly to grid.Cells[col,row]: string;

Hi Bruno,
the second way is that i did.
Thank's for all.